Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Moving Forwards


I haven't felt like I've had anything really to write about these past few days, so instead I just thought I'd post a quick update...

Feeling good today actually. I carried out a bit of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) yesterday regarding one or two things that were bothering me and concluded that I had nothing to worry about, so a positive outcome from something negative!

I'm feeling so much more motivated now, it's great. I'm out of bed quite quickly and before I do anything else like have my cuppa or breakfast I stretch my back and take the dog out and enjoy the air, regardless of what the weather's doing. I'm going out at around 4 o'clock to do a little photography, which will lead me to a new blog post later on my other blog Everything Photography, so stay tuned.
I've been cycling a couple of times and really enjoyed it after being off the bike due to my back injury. I'm going out tomorrow in fact, as long as the weather isn't too bad.

In fact, I feel very positive about a lot of things, especially regarding my decision to leave college. It may have seemed like a negative decision and a step backwards at the time, but in actual fact, it has given me a lot of clarity and I have already started studying in the area I am keen on. So at the moment I am learning Visual C#, HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript; I just need to design myself a timetable before I get really lost in it so I'm not over-burdening myself. I am really excited about this, as it just proves all along how right I was about wanting to work with computers. And because it's programming, it really helps to focus my mind on something logical, constructive and interesting (for me at least!).

Also, I've read one or two other blogs on depression and it's very interesting how other people go through this. I discovered this today, and at first glance it seems actually quite depressing, but I urge you to have a read. The blog author is older than me and has suffered in different ways, often tragically.  And there is also this that is quite a contrast to the blog above; the author is younger than me at 26 and suffers from bi-polar disorder, but shows no less 'enthusiasm' for the subject.
Please don't ever be put off from reading these blogs, as I think that sometimes people take the life they have for granted and never see what other people in the world may be going through (frankly though, some people just don't care) and this, I think, is the key to educating society about mental illness.

Anyway, as it's overcast today and the light is diffused, I may as well get out to do some photography now; time to get my feet wet!

Thanks for reading guys.


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