Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Hey folks
Well I'm pleased to say that I'm finally feeling quite a lot better after my bout of man-flu, although not 100%.
I went for a ride yesterday of 48 miles/77 kilometres and as usual after being off the bike for a while, instead of taking it steady, I rode at my usual pace resulting in an average speed of 27.3km/h/16.9mph. So I ended up pretty battered afterwards. I never learn!
But that was after a productive morning. I went to see an agency who I'd previously worked for and I was quite nervous, but I had no need to be. I actually spoke with the MD of the company and she talked to me about the very difficult problems she has had in her earlier life and how she could completely relate to how I have often struggled. She really listened to me and really understood. This was a very refreshing change from how a lot of employers behave where mental health is concerned.
We discussed my options for returning to work, with a view to coming back in gradually, with part-time work more of a focus for the time being, until I'm ready to move back into the world of full time hours. So it may mean I do some work here and there for now, so hopefully the agency will come up trumps. I felt very positive after the meeting, so I'm sure they'll work hard to find something suitable for me.
Other developments.
Most of you that follow me here will know about my photography blog and how much I enjoy it. I have been gradually creeping my way back into my cycling club, Energy Cycles after some absence, so it was with some excitement that I went down to our time trial event, the Mon Arfon League 10 from Aberdesach on the Caernarfon coast. Despite being on the main Pwllheli road, which is quite dangerous, the road is wide with new, smooth tarmac and quite rolling towards the western end with some tough climbs at time trial pace. Anyway, I decided to take along the camera and see what I could come up with.

Turns out I'm actually pretty good at moving targets too! I have had some fantastic feedback from the riders and the club secretary and have even sold digital copies of my images! I was bowled over to be honest. I've certainly thought of selling my images as an aside, so was very pleased that the guys were keen on them. Please have a look at my images here. I purposefully shot them to show more of the background, to give a sense of scale and to create a more artistic shot, instead of the usual kind of cycling images you see from races; that's my style. Photography is about painting a picture without words.
Also, I am now building my website in order to showcase and sell any of my images to the general public on an international scale and not just locally. I am very excited about this, so I hope it takes off; but I'll never know unless I try. Here's a sneak preview of the homepage:
My New Photography Homepage

I have kept the appearance as minimal as possible; this is quite fashionable on the web at the moment. Clean websites are easy to read and navigate which is a must if you want your visitors to return.

This site will incorporate a blog, however I will still keep this and my other blog updated; it will be primarily for showcasing and selling images only. And, if it progresses, I will add another option to have images printed and delivered, but this is a long way off yet, as the project may not even work out. It's costing me almost nothing, so I've nothing to lose.
Anyway, this was just a quick update. I'm feeling well and I'm feeling happy and positive about my future. :)

Thanks for stopping by.

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